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Fohow Oral Liquid

Few months ago, a call came through from a lady who resides in Port Harcourt, she has been using fohow products to treat her cousin that had rectal cancer. The lady said she has been applying fohow products to treat her brother for a while back. She said she called to get some more because the product has really helped to put the patient in question in a stable condition.

She has tried other options before she came across fohow product through a friend, she embrace the product and has been impressed by the fact that fohow products are efficacious. From what she said, the patient often have blood stained stool for a long stretch of time and was diagnosed of having rectal cancer eventually.
Then came the friend who encouraged them to pick fohow product, precisely fohow oral liquid, which they did and afterwards had experienced impressive improvement. The patient is in good state of health now.

Fohow Oral: The Guardian of Health

Fohow cordiceps oral liquid is one of the most appraised products from the stable of fohow international. The product is indeed the guardian of health as it is the slogan. Fohow cordicept Oral liquid is the health liquid every family and health conscious individuals should cherish. The potency of fohow oral as a herbal solution has really been attested to far and wide by people who have come in contact with it.
Fohow is produced from combination of medicinal herbs highly favoured by traditional chinese medicine for severagal ages and generation, such as cordicept synensis, linchzi (Ganoderma Lucidium), Shitake (Lentinus edodes) Bambusa and honey. Indeed, cordicept has been in use for thousands of years in chinese medicine. In actual sense, cordicept is more preferred than ginseng, and is praised as “monarch of medicine” in earliest medical book for its efficacy on various health conditions and crisis.
Cordicept is known for its ability to reinvigorate the kidney and lungs, and to stop bleeding and eliminate phlemn, replenishes vital essence and tonify Qi, nourishing the spring of body vitality and also cures infirmities in the body. Cordicept forms 75% of the content of fohow oral liquid, as a result, fohow oral is essential in the treatment of most chronic ailments and health challenges. Basically, Fohow Oral Liquid helps in treatment of

Immune deficiency
Early aging
Liver Diseases

Broad Spectrum Use of Fohow

Heart diseases:
Rheumatic myocarditis, myocardial infraction, irregular heartbeat.

Lung Diseases:
Tuberculosis, emphysema, Asthma, pneumonia, chronic bronchitis, etc.

Kidney diseases:
Nephritis, kidney tubules, bleeding, uremia, diabetes etc.

Liver  Disease:
Acute and chronic hepathitisB, hepatitis C, cirrhosis etc.

Brain disease:
Stroke, cerebral thrumbus, cerebral atrophy, cerebral artheriosclerosis, etc.

Blood diseases:
Hypertension, hypotension,  hyperlipidemia, congenital anemia, etc.

Suppression of cancer:
Hampers the growth of carcinogenic cells, prevent and aids chemotherapy treatment against nasopharyngeal cancer, liver cancer, lymphoma, leukemia, and so on.
Most of all fohow oral liquid treats symptoms caused by immune disorder, susceptibility to cold, allergies, oral inflammation, excess  stress, fatigue, weakness, sluggishness, weak nerves, dreaminess, lack of appetite and so on.

Personal Experience
Fohow oral liquid is one of my favourite health drinks. Since it’s made of honey and some other herbs, and honey is a natural eye drop in folk medicine, I once used fohow oral as an eye drop. At first it felt pepperish, I rest my head on the pillow and stayed calm for few minutes and clean up my eyes. By the time I looked up, the intensity in the room has increased tremendously. Of course, the brightness has always been there, its my eyesight that has just got cleaner.

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Fohow Oral

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