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Fohow International: An Outstanding Network Marketing Company

Accredited Distributors:

1.     What Is Fohow?  Fohow International is a multinational company engaging itself in distribution of herbal products through direct sales marketing.

 The vision of the company is to spread good health and wealth across the world through its distributors.

 The word fohow simply means phoenix, an auspicious wild bird. Traditions say that whoever finds the bird has found luck.

The Ten Essentials Of Network Marketing

1.       In a country of millions of people, healthcare and alternative medical practices becomes inevitable as people seek different medication and alternatives that best suit their needs and purposes around them. In most developing countries, it is not surprising to see a lot of people taking their health for granted, out of the fear of the cost they may incur as a result of finding health care in the established institutions. Network marketing is thus an intermediary health alternative that seems more closer to the people.

2.       What Is Network Marketing? Also known as Direct Sales Marketing, network marketing is the 21st century distribution systems for goods and services, which skip the middleman in the channel of distribution- such that products moves from producers to distributors or consumers, thereby, end-users are able to buy directly from the manufacturer.

3.       How Do I Network?  To learn network marketing simply means that you enroll into the business and understand how it works, and then buy products of your choice and sell with commission. Also, the company equally keeps record of the Purchase Value (PV) of each and every product you buy. You earn reward on this for all time.

4.       What Is PV? Every product comes at different prices, so also each has its Purchase value or point value attached to it. This point value is used to calculate your commission. This is used to calculate the sales commission that comes to you from the company on weekly basis, so you can earn from the pool of purchases you have made in the past as well as the people you enroll into the business.

5.       What Is My Benefit? Taking care of your health is an unquestionable necessity. But the choice is yours if you must take care of yourself or not. Fohow empowers you with healthcare products that help you maintain sound health at all time. You can encourage others with the result you have. Some of our illnesses are as a result of wear and tear going on because of our quest for success, but Fohow offer you a reliable plan for secured future.

6.       How Do I Succeed As A Networker? Its simple but success is through persistence and faith. By telling people what you benefited using the products, you can also enroll them to the business by helping them to come on abroad. You earn leadership commission and also, their PV equally counts for you, meaning you earn for bringing then on board.

7.       What Of My Personal Business?  Yes, your personal business, your work, and your good ideas of generating income some other ways are not affected by joining Fohow. If anything goes wrong with a man with one source of income, the man and the business will probably suffer as a result. But Network business is leveraging on teamwork. You may not be good at it to start with, but hearing stories of successful people in the business will definitely give you courage to persist and trust in your instincts and dreams.

8.       Why Networking Business? Many people say that 'if we put in the same energy we are encouraged to put into network marketing, to our own business, we will soon succeed'. But the truth is, it is easy to visualize '100 ways to make money', but it is not so easy to build the “visual machine” that makes us the “envisioned money” because of capital and other material constraints. Do not live in this visual paradise of 100 ways of making money, build a solid real financial base that has to do with people and their needs and aspirations, it makes your success easier.

9.       Network Products Too Expensive? People who truly care about their health buys what will be of value to them, but people who takes their health for granted want to buy healthcare products for peanuts. Qualitative healthcare product is different from quantitative one. Remember how much people spend on clothing and other material things, good health can also come at a competitive price. You might thing people into network marketing are fools, but also remember, some people believe in it and consume it always.

10.   Where Does The Commission Come From? If you never join a network company, no money exist in your network, so the network is void; but the moment you join, you start to create the money you make through engaging in the business activities and encouraging others to join. You earn by using the products and the platform of the company to extend its sales and your wealth.[/b]

This is my own acronym for money...


If you can follow the above acronym to the letter, you will succeed, whatever you do. But be among people who are just eager for the same kind of result you want and not those mocking every of your step on the way. No matter the business, there are losers who make nothing from losing but pain, avoid them lest they infect you with their afflictions.

keep on keeping on, success is yours.

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