Friday, June 5, 2015

How To Join Fohow

How do you go about registration into Fohow International? The following information is vital to your success in the business.

1.   Registered Member

     You can become Fohow registered member with just N6000 ($30). This means you have access to online business building tool, a starter’s kit, containing health card worth $100, product catalogue and leaflets to help you understand the products and the business compensation plan. This gives you 30PV. 

Benefit: You can enroll your partners from this stage on and continue to build your business. This gives you opportunity to also earn matching bonus when you get to earning threshold of the company.

22. Certified Member

     You become a certified member the moment you make complete purchase of $300 (N60, 000 to N65, 000, is equivalent to $300, depending on the product you choose and the exchange rate is N180 to a dollar). This gives you certified business centre. You get product worth N80, 000.

 Benefit: If you are able to make complete purchase of N60, 000-N65, 000 at once, you stand the chance   of receiving cashback bonus on your registration fee (Please note: offer lasts until the 17th day of July, 2015). This means that you will be refunded with your registration fee of N60, 000 at anytime you are able to enroll 5 downlines with your ID or registration number only if they also purchase $300 worth of products each at once. 

33. Register with 3 business Centres

\     With Fohow, you can enroll and re-enroll more than once, that is, if you can afford to buy in excess of $300, it is okay to buy $360, (360x180= N64,800-N70,000) this gives you the opportunity to have one certified business centre and 2 re-entry of yourself at either legs. This allow you to place your partners.

Benefit: You get product worth N90, 000 and also a Neck-guard that is sold for N18, 000 free. That gives you product in the value of N108, 000. The Neck-guard is useful for treatment of Cervical Syndilosis, headache, and neck pain and so on.

44.Register with 7 business Centres:

     You can maximize the future by enrolling into Fohow with $480, (N86, 000-N90, 000). This is having seven business centre plan. These offer you an opportunity to become 7diamond director in the nearest future.

Benefit: Once you make one time registration purchase of $480, you get products worth N120, 000, then also an exquisite Waist belt worth N80, 000 as bonus. This belt help people with Tommy fat, kidney problems and waist pains, it can be resold for N120, 000.

You Can Become An Accredited Fohow Agent In Your State:

If you are keen about business, you can become Fohow accredited agent in your area and make it big money. You only need to purchase products worth N60, 000 worth of products, and start the paperwork. This put you at vantage point to be the first Fohow dealer in your environment. Success is as easy as you think, or as hard as you think it is.

We can help you in all ramifications to make good success of your venture, what you need to succeed include faith, passion and dream, good partners that have the interest of the team and the populace at heart, and that is the starting point to success.

Products' efficacy guaranteed

No monthly PV or wiping of points

Multiple ways to earn money weekly,

No compulsion of any kind involved,

Business building tools always available,

Training on daily in conducive environment,

You can do your business from any part of the world. 

All products are certified by NAFDAC 

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