Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The Victory of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Congratulations to Youyou Tu, winner of the 2015 Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine.
On October 5th,2015, the Swedish Karolinska Institute in Stockholm announced that the 2015 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine awarded to the Chinese female pharmacists, Youyou Tu, and Irish medical researchers William C. Campbell and Japan`s scholar Satoshi ōmura, in recognition of their achievements in the treatment of parasitic diseases .

This is because Chinese scientists conducted scientific research and the first local Chinese won the Nobel Prize, the award is the highest award in China so far obtained in the medical profession. 

Youyou Tu’s winning, is evidence that Chinese medicine has gained recognition and is affirmed by the world medical community,this is reflected in the medicine made which has had a significant contribution to the cause of human health, has opened a new chapter for the Integrative Medicine to benefit human health.

As Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine Selection Committee Mr. Xiqilate said: “Chinese women scientists Youyou Tu isolated from traditional Chinese medicine applied to malaria treatment artemisinin, suggesting that traditional Chinese herbal medicine also give scientists new inspiration.” she said, after purification and modern technology combined with modern medicine,Chinese herbal medicine achievements in the treatment of diseases, is very great.

After winning, 85-year-old Youyou Tu said in an interview,she was just an ordinary chemical plant researchers, but found in atreasure-house of Chinese medicine, and for the international scientific community to have recognized Chinese scientists, she feels proud, and has repeatedly stressed: "The artemisinin research award is the result of collective research team that year, it`s an honor for all Chinese scientists , also the traditional Chinese medicine research science has gotten high attention and recognition by international scientific community , which is the pride of China, but also the pride of Chinese scientists. "

  Youyou Tu`s winning had greatly encouraged the relevant scientific research personnel of FOHOW group and inspired the FOHOW company. Traditional Chinese Medicine with an history spanning thousands of years, is a huge untapped treasure trove, that worth digging posterity, alone with TCM gradually been recognized in the world.As an "international health experts", 

The FOHOW Group will continue to adhere to the corporate mission of "promote the health culture to benefit human health" , and invest more money and personnel in the study to explore the treasure house of traditional Chinese medicine, with innovative use of modern technologies, research and development of more drugs and healthcare products to help human health, to produce more valuable results from the historic Chinese medicine, better play the role of protecting human health. 

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Fohow Oral Liquid

Few months ago, a call came through from a lady who resides in Port Harcourt, she has been using fohow products to treat her cousin that had rectal cancer. The lady said she has been applying fohow products to treat her brother for a while back. She said she called to get some more because the product has really helped to put the patient in question in a stable condition.

She has tried other options before she came across fohow product through a friend, she embrace the product and has been impressed by the fact that fohow products are efficacious. From what she said, the patient often have blood stained stool for a long stretch of time and was diagnosed of having rectal cancer eventually.
Then came the friend who encouraged them to pick fohow product, precisely fohow oral liquid, which they did and afterwards had experienced impressive improvement. The patient is in good state of health now.

Fohow Oral: The Guardian of Health

Fohow cordiceps oral liquid is one of the most appraised products from the stable of fohow international. The product is indeed the guardian of health as it is the slogan. Fohow cordicept Oral liquid is the health liquid every family and health conscious individuals should cherish. The potency of fohow oral as a herbal solution has really been attested to far and wide by people who have come in contact with it.
Fohow is produced from combination of medicinal herbs highly favoured by traditional chinese medicine for severagal ages and generation, such as cordicept synensis, linchzi (Ganoderma Lucidium), Shitake (Lentinus edodes) Bambusa and honey. Indeed, cordicept has been in use for thousands of years in chinese medicine. In actual sense, cordicept is more preferred than ginseng, and is praised as “monarch of medicine” in earliest medical book for its efficacy on various health conditions and crisis.
Cordicept is known for its ability to reinvigorate the kidney and lungs, and to stop bleeding and eliminate phlemn, replenishes vital essence and tonify Qi, nourishing the spring of body vitality and also cures infirmities in the body. Cordicept forms 75% of the content of fohow oral liquid, as a result, fohow oral is essential in the treatment of most chronic ailments and health challenges. Basically, Fohow Oral Liquid helps in treatment of

Immune deficiency
Early aging
Liver Diseases

Broad Spectrum Use of Fohow

Heart diseases:
Rheumatic myocarditis, myocardial infraction, irregular heartbeat.

Lung Diseases:
Tuberculosis, emphysema, Asthma, pneumonia, chronic bronchitis, etc.

Kidney diseases:
Nephritis, kidney tubules, bleeding, uremia, diabetes etc.

Liver  Disease:
Acute and chronic hepathitisB, hepatitis C, cirrhosis etc.

Brain disease:
Stroke, cerebral thrumbus, cerebral atrophy, cerebral artheriosclerosis, etc.

Blood diseases:
Hypertension, hypotension,  hyperlipidemia, congenital anemia, etc.

Suppression of cancer:
Hampers the growth of carcinogenic cells, prevent and aids chemotherapy treatment against nasopharyngeal cancer, liver cancer, lymphoma, leukemia, and so on.
Most of all fohow oral liquid treats symptoms caused by immune disorder, susceptibility to cold, allergies, oral inflammation, excess  stress, fatigue, weakness, sluggishness, weak nerves, dreaminess, lack of appetite and so on.

Personal Experience
Fohow oral liquid is one of my favourite health drinks. Since it’s made of honey and some other herbs, and honey is a natural eye drop in folk medicine, I once used fohow oral as an eye drop. At first it felt pepperish, I rest my head on the pillow and stayed calm for few minutes and clean up my eyes. By the time I looked up, the intensity in the room has increased tremendously. Of course, the brightness has always been there, its my eyesight that has just got cleaner.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

The Official Launching Of Fohow International In Nigeria

 Magnificent is just one adjective to describe the just concluded Fohow Nigeria lunching. It was an event to behold and not to be told! It was glamorous all the way! It was one of its kinds in Africa! It was carefully executed marching up with world standard!

The event which held at the Time Square event center, Ikeja, Lagos Nigeria. On the 27th June 2015 with an amazing number of attendances spanning up to 3000 in numbers. This number included Fohow Business partners, and invited guest. This extra ordinary crowd from the different parts of Nigeria simply shows how much positivity Fohow company has impacted in the life’s of the people, in health, And in wealth. 

The people were very excited.  Their excitement was expressed as they gave a loud and outstanding ovation to the President of FOHOW Group CHU JUNSHENG, And the Vice President LEE FAN who honored the occasion with their presence.

The President in his opening address said, 

“…….. You will witness the fast growth of Fohow in Africa.  In may 2012. Fohow officially entered Nigeria. During these 3years year, we have been supporting each other and working very hard. The Fohow performance in Africa has been growing very fast.... 

"We have 50 agencies and 70,000 distributors. I have to appreciate you all. Thank you for your trust and support to the company…”  

The Presidents words were inspiring. The Vice President in his speech also describes the progress of FOHOW Nigeria and the companies dream in Africa and Nigeria. Fohow company is known for Awarding outstanding achievers.

The awards given out also included awards for :
  • 10 Awards for Outstanding Agencies 2014/2015.
  • 8 Awards for Excellent lectures 2014/2015.
  • 8 Awards for Excellent Medical Consultant 2014/2015.
  • 156 Promotional Awards for China Trip 2014/2015.
  • 26 Promotional Awards for Fancy Car 2014/2015.
  • 11 Award for 1 Diamond distributors 
  • 4   Awards for 3 Diamond distributors.
Speaking with some of the diamonds after the event, as they expressed their feelings of the ceremony they said “It was a wonderful day the program was a success. We thank Fohow Nigeria for making our dream come true. Fohow Nigeria promised us a great launching, and it turned out to be a great one. I recall my feeling as I was called out for my Award as a 1 Diamond distributor I just felt at that point that my dreams was becoming a reality”. 
Another Agency says that they appreciate the management for making them feel like a celebrity. FOHOW is here to stay. It is becoming Bigger and Better. It is so far the Best in Nigeria.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Fohow International: An Outstanding Network Marketing Company

Accredited Distributors:

1.     What Is Fohow?  Fohow International is a multinational company engaging itself in distribution of herbal products through direct sales marketing.

 The vision of the company is to spread good health and wealth across the world through its distributors.

 The word fohow simply means phoenix, an auspicious wild bird. Traditions say that whoever finds the bird has found luck.

The Ten Essentials Of Network Marketing

1.       In a country of millions of people, healthcare and alternative medical practices becomes inevitable as people seek different medication and alternatives that best suit their needs and purposes around them. In most developing countries, it is not surprising to see a lot of people taking their health for granted, out of the fear of the cost they may incur as a result of finding health care in the established institutions. Network marketing is thus an intermediary health alternative that seems more closer to the people.

2.       What Is Network Marketing? Also known as Direct Sales Marketing, network marketing is the 21st century distribution systems for goods and services, which skip the middleman in the channel of distribution- such that products moves from producers to distributors or consumers, thereby, end-users are able to buy directly from the manufacturer.

3.       How Do I Network?  To learn network marketing simply means that you enroll into the business and understand how it works, and then buy products of your choice and sell with commission. Also, the company equally keeps record of the Purchase Value (PV) of each and every product you buy. You earn reward on this for all time.

4.       What Is PV? Every product comes at different prices, so also each has its Purchase value or point value attached to it. This point value is used to calculate your commission. This is used to calculate the sales commission that comes to you from the company on weekly basis, so you can earn from the pool of purchases you have made in the past as well as the people you enroll into the business.

5.       What Is My Benefit? Taking care of your health is an unquestionable necessity. But the choice is yours if you must take care of yourself or not. Fohow empowers you with healthcare products that help you maintain sound health at all time. You can encourage others with the result you have. Some of our illnesses are as a result of wear and tear going on because of our quest for success, but Fohow offer you a reliable plan for secured future.

6.       How Do I Succeed As A Networker? Its simple but success is through persistence and faith. By telling people what you benefited using the products, you can also enroll them to the business by helping them to come on abroad. You earn leadership commission and also, their PV equally counts for you, meaning you earn for bringing then on board.

7.       What Of My Personal Business?  Yes, your personal business, your work, and your good ideas of generating income some other ways are not affected by joining Fohow. If anything goes wrong with a man with one source of income, the man and the business will probably suffer as a result. But Network business is leveraging on teamwork. You may not be good at it to start with, but hearing stories of successful people in the business will definitely give you courage to persist and trust in your instincts and dreams.

8.       Why Networking Business? Many people say that 'if we put in the same energy we are encouraged to put into network marketing, to our own business, we will soon succeed'. But the truth is, it is easy to visualize '100 ways to make money', but it is not so easy to build the “visual machine” that makes us the “envisioned money” because of capital and other material constraints. Do not live in this visual paradise of 100 ways of making money, build a solid real financial base that has to do with people and their needs and aspirations, it makes your success easier.

9.       Network Products Too Expensive? People who truly care about their health buys what will be of value to them, but people who takes their health for granted want to buy healthcare products for peanuts. Qualitative healthcare product is different from quantitative one. Remember how much people spend on clothing and other material things, good health can also come at a competitive price. You might thing people into network marketing are fools, but also remember, some people believe in it and consume it always.

10.   Where Does The Commission Come From? If you never join a network company, no money exist in your network, so the network is void; but the moment you join, you start to create the money you make through engaging in the business activities and encouraging others to join. You earn by using the products and the platform of the company to extend its sales and your wealth.[/b]

This is my own acronym for money...


If you can follow the above acronym to the letter, you will succeed, whatever you do. But be among people who are just eager for the same kind of result you want and not those mocking every of your step on the way. No matter the business, there are losers who make nothing from losing but pain, avoid them lest they infect you with their afflictions.

keep on keeping on, success is yours.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Benefits Of Participating In Network Marketing Business

Leverage: It is possible that you know just a friend, then that friend may know another friend that has passion for business more than you do. If by chance you find yourself in network marketing, then somehow, you might be able to convince your friend to be part of the business, your friend may join and eventually enroll the third guy you don't know, but whom your friend knows, who do not care who is on top of the rung. His effort rub well on the two of you. It is because you took the first-risk in the first place, if not, they won’t join at all when they did.

Friendship: network marketing helps you to meet new people who have similar aspiration: healthy desire to succeed. I particularly joined Fohow because I was thrilled by a young man of my age giving seminar and commanding the respect of the audience.

I said to myself, if this guy can do this and have result, I can do it too! It is so easy to do the business the moment you understand it’s worth the time. It exposes you to new ideas, and its ideas that rule the world.

Futuristic: When you think of how to succeed, it becomes cumbersome if you will need huge capital to start with. If you need to get loan, the criteria that the lenders will give to you will help you change your mind over and over and at the end, you won’t know when your beautiful ideas will vanish away and you start to wonder if you have clue to success at all. But networking help keep you focus by presenting you practical example of ordinary people in your environment that rises from self doubt to success, and then you realize it can be you.

Co-operation: some people believe that you are being used to sell for some foreigner in Network marketing: maybe, maybe not. In Fohow, you are not on any monthly due, so you are only expected to buy to 300PV, which is N54, 000. This is where the buying ends; the rest is to invite people. The moment you have two focused partners on either side of your downlines, you have your break. They will be more than willing to do their own part and others after them. It is not about one person doing everything without end as you have it in regular business.

Teamwork: According to established knowledge, you need more than a 24 hour a day to become successful and wealthy. You really need to be wealthy to solve most of your problems. Being poor do not save you from any of it. Poverty is an insurance that problems will compound. You need more than 1000 hours a day to succeed. It is not so predictable if you can have such time without having a company of people work with you or work for you. Network marketing help you with a platform to encourage like minds to opt in and work with you as they work for themselves for the common good of the whole.

Success: Some people will tell you that network marketing is a scam because they have been into it half way and crashed out of it. I have said the same thing in the past. I made a change at one point when I said to myself, being right about everything is yet to make me a millionaire, it is better to be wrong and learn something new. So I adopted the principle of do what you are asked to see if you will get what you were promised. It worked! So I learn not to castigate a process when I did not learn the process or go through the full circle.

Friday, June 5, 2015

How To Join Fohow

How do you go about registration into Fohow International? The following information is vital to your success in the business.

1.   Registered Member

     You can become Fohow registered member with just N6000 ($30). This means you have access to online business building tool, a starter’s kit, containing health card worth $100, product catalogue and leaflets to help you understand the products and the business compensation plan. This gives you 30PV. 

Benefit: You can enroll your partners from this stage on and continue to build your business. This gives you opportunity to also earn matching bonus when you get to earning threshold of the company.

22. Certified Member

     You become a certified member the moment you make complete purchase of $300 (N60, 000 to N65, 000, is equivalent to $300, depending on the product you choose and the exchange rate is N180 to a dollar). This gives you certified business centre. You get product worth N80, 000.

 Benefit: If you are able to make complete purchase of N60, 000-N65, 000 at once, you stand the chance   of receiving cashback bonus on your registration fee (Please note: offer lasts until the 17th day of July, 2015). This means that you will be refunded with your registration fee of N60, 000 at anytime you are able to enroll 5 downlines with your ID or registration number only if they also purchase $300 worth of products each at once. 

33. Register with 3 business Centres

\     With Fohow, you can enroll and re-enroll more than once, that is, if you can afford to buy in excess of $300, it is okay to buy $360, (360x180= N64,800-N70,000) this gives you the opportunity to have one certified business centre and 2 re-entry of yourself at either legs. This allow you to place your partners.

Benefit: You get product worth N90, 000 and also a Neck-guard that is sold for N18, 000 free. That gives you product in the value of N108, 000. The Neck-guard is useful for treatment of Cervical Syndilosis, headache, and neck pain and so on.

44.Register with 7 business Centres:

     You can maximize the future by enrolling into Fohow with $480, (N86, 000-N90, 000). This is having seven business centre plan. These offer you an opportunity to become 7diamond director in the nearest future.

Benefit: Once you make one time registration purchase of $480, you get products worth N120, 000, then also an exquisite Waist belt worth N80, 000 as bonus. This belt help people with Tommy fat, kidney problems and waist pains, it can be resold for N120, 000.

You Can Become An Accredited Fohow Agent In Your State:

If you are keen about business, you can become Fohow accredited agent in your area and make it big money. You only need to purchase products worth N60, 000 worth of products, and start the paperwork. This put you at vantage point to be the first Fohow dealer in your environment. Success is as easy as you think, or as hard as you think it is.

We can help you in all ramifications to make good success of your venture, what you need to succeed include faith, passion and dream, good partners that have the interest of the team and the populace at heart, and that is the starting point to success.

Products' efficacy guaranteed

No monthly PV or wiping of points

Multiple ways to earn money weekly,

No compulsion of any kind involved,

Business building tools always available,

Training on daily in conducive environment,

You can do your business from any part of the world. 

All products are certified by NAFDAC 

Monday, April 13, 2015

Gufei Bao: A New Concept of Beautifying

From life preserving theory recorded in traditional Chinese medicine, it says twelve regular channels, up to the skin. Skin smoothness has a close connection with the five internal organs and the six hollow organs, also with the Eight Extra Meridians' Qi and blood circulation. 

If internal secretion unbalances, it may cause stagnation of liver qi, deficiency of the kidney, in coordination between the spleen and the stomach, sickly complexion, pigmentation, skin aging, acne; Qi and blood cannot nourish face and turbid Qi stay, which lead to chloasma. Putting Qinggong Pill at the intersection of woman's Five Meridians, it can dredge the channel; regulate Qi and blood, balance Yin and Yang, regulate internal secretion to achieve beauty.

Detoxifying and nourishing through reproductive system is one of the dualism on detoxification in modern iatrology. Its unique way of detoxification by pulling cotton thread is the perfect embodiment of the international beautifying ideas, for the reason that it solves the difficult problem of eliminating toxin automatically through woman’s reproductive system in a proper way. 

We apply traditional Chinese medicine’s life preserving idea, choose special pharmaceutical substances, and invent unique formula. For that, it has a great power of adsorbability and 100% efficacious for detoxification. This is why Qinggong Pill causes a big stir in women’s beautifying field around the world.

The origin of Qinggong Pill is from the legend of Concubine Yang, one of the four most beautiful women in ancient China.  A.D. 745, Yang Yuhuan married to Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang Dynasty. She was naturally beautiful with milky skin and splendid figure, which made all the powder and paint of the Six Palaces faded into nothing. For that reason, she became the beloved of Emperor Xuanzong and be conferred the title of Concubine. Before long, her other three beautiful sisters were presented at court and conferred the title of Furen, which is less than Concubine.

  On local Chronicles, Concubine Yang and her sisters often lived for a while at Huaqing Pool located in Mountain Li, which was an exclusive place that Emperor Xuanzong built for them to shower. And when they came out from Mountain Li, they looked more beautiful like lotus flowers just coming out from the surface of water. 

Rumor has it that there was an arcanum, like putting some medicine into a capsule and pushing into a woman’s vagina. We cannot check it out with Concubine Yang now; luckily the arcanum passed out to the society. But it still was a pity that we cannot make clear the components of the arcanum.

  Specialists in Fohow company had done an all-round research on the arcanum. Base on that, we apply means of modern biotechnology and scientific distillation; we have finally developed a brand new kind of pill—— Qinggong PillWe ensure you that it is efficacious and will benefit for the women.

Ingredients: Dragon’s Blood, Rhubarb, fructus cnidii, Radix Sophorae Flavescentis, Borneol, Safflower, Cortex pseudolaricis, Dry alum, Catechu, Borax, etc.


Qinggong Pill was made according to the traditional Chinese medicine theory. We apply Targeting Treatment by putting the pill directly into the vagina to dredge Governor Vessel and Conception Vessel, to regulate Yin and Yang to balance, to replenish Qi and blood,to clear heat,to detoxify,to promote blood circulation by removing blood stasis,to eliminate the toxin and waste in body,to purify blood and remove heat from blood,to regenerate cell,to remove necrosis and promote granulation.

Scope of application: 

Unpleasant smell in the vagina, leukorrhea with reddish discharge,senile vaginitis, trichomonas vaginitis,colpitis mycotica, pelvic inflammation,annexitis,pruritus vulvae,cervical erosion,hysteromyoma,ovarian cyst,cervical polyp,irregular menstruation,dysmenorrhea, postpartum hemorrhage, lochiorrhea,splash,acne,diminishing inflammation and sterilization,clearing waste, vagina constriction and uterus constriction, mantaining beauty.

Five features
1 self-examining: only one Qinggong Pill you need to find out whether you suffer gynecopathy or not.
2 self-clearing: only one Qinggong Pill you need to clear away toxin and waste inside your vagina.

3 self-curing: be helpful for the treatment of diseases like hysteromyoma, cervical erosion, ovarian cyst, etc.

4 self-beautifying: improve facial quality, like paling, tarnishing, splash, xerosis cutis, wrinkled skin, etc.

5 self-nourishing: only one Qinggong Pill per month you need to prevent gynecological disease, constrict vagina and uterus, regain beauty. 

Seven healthcare

1. Purification: be effective to prevent and help to treat gynecological disease caused by colpitis, cervical erosion, hysteroptosis, and unpleasant smell of leucorrhea, pelvic inflammation, annexitis, hysteromyoma and mycotic infection. 

2. Clearing and Detoxifying: this unique way of detoxification is a micro-vacuum, which can clear away dead cell, menses, toxin and waste accumulated inside the vagina, also the unpleasant smell and the source of mycovirus infection to promote metabolism, activate stem cell, stimulate the secretion of estrogen, and regain the usual physiological function of generative organ.

3. removing necrosis and promoting granulation: while clearing the waste, it can restore the vitality of dying cells, promote glandular secretion, smooth, nourish the vagina and rough tissue in uterine neck, regain the elasticity and sensibility, help to constrict uterus after giving birth, repair damaged birth canal, regain and maintain healthy tissue.

4. Postpone senility: restore the vitality of dying cells, promote glandular secretion, help to constrict vagina and regain its vigor, increase sensibility and sexual desire, have you regain prettiness and upgrade your sexual quality, postpone menopause, relieve vagina dryness, keep sexual desire from decreasing and ease your mind.

5. Beautifying and nourishing: improve and regain the usual physiological function of generative organ, promoting blood circulation for removing blood stasis, activate cell, regulate, internal secretion, reduce and eliminate splash, whiten and smooth skin, make it shiny, rosy and less wrinkled, bring out infinite charm of a woman.

6. Life preserving: Qinggong Pill is efficacious in some certain gynecological diseases. If there isn’t, it has a function of precaution. After the period of menses, using one or two Pill, it can help to promote metabolism, keep you healthy and vigorous, and easily be away from gynecological disease.

7. Infertility: It has certain efficacy in infertility by balancing PH value inside the vagina and dredging Fallopian tube.

1. Open the aluminum foil bag, check the package.
2. Clean your vagina, wipe up. Use the disposable fingercot to put the pill into the depth of your vagina and leave the thread ends out.
3. Change it every three days. When you want to take the pill out, pull the cotton thread gently, clean your vagina and pudendum.
4. One grain each time, six grain a period of treatment.
1. For external use only!
2. Prohibited for the virgin and the pregnant.
3. No use in menstrual and lactation period. No use right before and after menstruation.
4. With caution who just has an abortion and who is allergic constitution
5. Cannot take place of medicine

Supernatural Ganoderma Lucidum

Since ancient times, ganoderma lucidum has the effect of calming and improving one’s wisdom. The ganoderic acids of ganoderma lucidum enjoy the fame as “immortal grass" since it can increase oxygen supply to the heart and brain. 

However, the mycelium of ganoderma sinenses that Fohow Group has used in the Fohow Ganoderma Lucidum Capsule produced the medicinal masterwork of ganoderma lucidum and it is important to note that ganoderma spore is essence of ganoderma lucidum.

After the compatibility of cordyceps sinensis and ganoderma lucidum with modern scientific methods, the efficacy of ganoderma lucidum capsule becomes more prominent. It can meet the need of nutrients of brain to the fullest, stimulate and improve the function of brain whereby, regulating any noticeable imbalance activity of the brain. So far, it has the hygienic function of enhancing and benefiting intelligence, This product is perfect for protecting brain health. 

Fohow Ganoderma Lucidum Capsule is the result of advanced cell wall technology, and sub-nanometer micro technology. The cell wall technology has maintained the active element of the cell to the large extent, and has improved the bio-availability of active element greatly. Our products were produced with the formula which was initiated by the founder of Chinese Modern Health Preservation---Mr. Tang Youzhi.

Supernatural Ganoderma Lucidum
 Ganoderma Lucidum symbolizes fortunateness, riches and honor, fine and longevity, which has miraculous health benefits. Since ancient times, Chinese traditional medicine has regarded it as valuable tonic with strengthen effect for a long time. It has the effect of immortality and reviving one's life. 

Both the ancient and modern pharmacology and clinical study prove that Ganoderma Lucidum can prevent and cure many diseases, thus has the effect of lengthening one's life. Compendium of Materia Medica and Shen Nung Ben Cao Jing has detailed record of the effect of Ganoderma Lucidum. Modern pharmacology and clinical practice and proved the pharmacological effect of Ganoderma Lucidum, and discovered its main ingredient—Ganoderma Lucidum polysaccharides.

The scientific study has discovered that the pharmacological effective ingredient of Ganoderma Lucidum can be divided into 10 parts, including Ganoderma Lucidum polysaccharides, Ganoderma Lucidum polypeptide, triterpeniods, 16 amino acid (7 of which are necessary for human), protein, steroidogenesis, mannite, alkaloid, organic acid (main part of which is fumaric acid) and many microelements, such as Ge, P, Fe, Ca, Mn, Zn, etc. 

Ganoderma Lucidum has regulating effect for the human body with double directions and the diseases it can cure involve many systems including cerebro-vascular, digesting, nerve, endocrine, respiratory, and motor, etc. Moreover, it has notable effect to the tumor, liver pathological changes, insomnia and anti-aging. 

Product Component ganoderma spore, ganoderma mycelium, cordyceps mycelium powder 

Product Usage 2 to 4 tablets once time, 2 times daily with warm water.

FoHow Sanqing Oral: Powerful Internal Cleanser

The beautiful Fohow Sanqing Oral is mainly composed of aloe vera gel and oligose, and is aided with more than 10 herbs, such as chitin, chrysanthemum, folium ginkgo, black jelly fungus, Ganoderma Lucidum and Cordyceps sinensis. 

It is produced by extracting technology in low-temperature, cell wall technology, so that the active elements can be maintained completely and absorbed by the body easily. 

This product doesn’t have chemical and hormone ingredients and is a kind of natural health preservation product.

Chemistry of Sanqing Oral

1. Aloe vera gel: there are more than 160 kinds of active ingredients in the aloe. Tincture of aloe’s antibacterial effect is powerful and aloetin can destroy cancer cells, strengthen the immune system, increase the vitality, slow the aging process, thus has predominant effect to constipation, hemorrhoids, wound and cardiovascular disease. 

2. Oligose: it is a kind of fine solubilised dietary fiber and has perfect effect of improving the function of intestinal canal, preventing constipation and diarrhea, lowering the blood lipid and boosting the immune system. 

3. Chitin: it is the only edible animal fibre of free amine group IAMC in the nature and regarded as the 6th biological element of human body. 

4. Extract of folium ginkgo: gingkgo is always considered as “living fossil”. The effective rate of folium ginkgo inhibiting the growth of 25 kinds of pathomycete is 92%, especially increasing the blood flow to blood vessel of the brain, improving memory and curing Alzheimers. It can expand coronary artery, inhibit the accumulation of blood platelet, prevent thrombus, thus prevent angina, miocardial infarction; it can also improve immunity, clear the free radical, thus has the effect of preventing cancer and aging. 70% of world’s gingkgo resource is in China and gingkgo products are the first of Chinese medicine export. 

5. Black jelly fungus: jelly fungus is sweet in taste, cold in property and it is a kind of famous vegetarian food with high protein, low fat, multi fibre and mineral. Special plant colloid in it can prevent absorbinh of fat, thus has effect of losing weight and anti-cancer. It is the healthy food that WHO has recommended. 

6. Herba Abri: clearing heat and promoting diuresis, nourishing yin to reduce pathogenic fire, removing heat from the liver and moistening the lung, strengthening spleen and removing sluggish. 

7. Chrysanthemum: sweet, bitter, slightly cold, dispelling wind and removing heat from the liver, detoxifying and reducing edema magnitude.

8. Extract of Cordyceps sinensis: entering into lung and kidney, not only nourishing Kidney Yin, but also replenishing Kidney Yang and balancing the whole system of human body and making the body strong. 

All in all, Fohow Sanqing Oral Liquid has the following advantages:

1. Fohow experts and consultant group has developed the formula, which is versed in both ancient and modern knowledge and has predominant effect. 

2. Clean intestine, toxin and blood lipid

3. With the aloe vera gel and oligose, the product has perfect effect of cleaning intestine.

4. The product is aided with chitin. Chitin is the only edible animal fibre of free amine group IAMC in the nature and regarded as the 6th biological element of human body. It can absorb the different kinds of toxin and discharge them out of the body, thus has unique effect of detoxification.   

5. The product is aided with folium ginkgo and black jelly fungus. It is publicly known that folium ginkgo is the natural medicine to prevent and cure cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease. While the black jelly fungus is the healthy food that WHO has recommended, it has the effect of reducing the consistency of blood and cleaning the blood lipid. 

6. The product is aided with extract of Cordyceps sinensis, ganoderma Lucidum and radix astragali, so it can regulate yin and yang with bi- direction, balance the body and make it strong. 

7. The product employs extracting technology in low-temperature, cell wall technology and can protect active ingredient of different materials effectively.
8. The use of oral liquid makes it easy to be absorbed and preserved, thus the function of the product is guaranteed.

What Does Sanqing Oral Cleanses In the Body?

Sanqing Oral Cleanses the intestine of toxins and blood lipid. 

1. The length of human’s intestine is about five to six meters with a fold every 3.5 cm (there are about 100 folds in the whole intestine). These folds can store, at most, 6kg of food residue, which will ferment, decay and become black, toxic substance (inveterate excrement) with time. If these decayed substances will not be discharged, they will be absorbed by the intestine into the body.

2. Why do we need to clean toxins? 

(1) External cause: 1) air----atmospheric pollution (dust, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, volatile matter of coal and oil burning), the heavy pollution within the room, the formaldehyde of 80% families’ home decoration is over; 

(2) Water----heavy pollution (industrial wastewater, especially the toxic wastewater, can not be dealt with well, pollution of water resource, etc.); 

(3) Foods----pesticide residue (fruits, grain, vegetables, tea, etc.), overuse of fertilizer, the growth stage of poultry’s fodder consumption is shorten, etc. 

(4) internal cause: 1) a large amount of metabolic waste forms heat toxin, cold toxin, epidemic toxin, various of heavy metal ions, etc. that will sediment within the body; 

(5) the change of physiological and psychological factors leads to endocrine disorders, that will cause mental uneasiness, wingding, lung-fire, stomach-fire, etc. and bring about the appearance of constipation, acne, whelk, freckle, adiposity, etc.

3. Why do we need to cleanse harmful blood lipid?

Today, people eat too much high-fat food (meat and greasy food) due to the improvement of the living and advance lifestyle, which makes the fat accumulate continuously in the blood and the viscosity increase constantly. 

Therefore cardiovascular disease (cerebral apoplexy, coronary heart disease, myocardial infarction, sudden cardiac death and high blood pressure) become the first killer for the human. The number of the people who are suffering from diabetes, fatty liver, hepatocirrhosis, gallstone and obesity is on the increase.

 People who are allowed to take this medicine patients with constipation, enteritis and gastritis, high blood lipid and other patients triggered by them---patients with acne, splash, easy irritation and halitosis. 

Dosage 2 daily, 15 days can be defined as a period; another period can start with three days interval. The amount of kids should be reduced to half.

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