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EGF is the so called “beauty factor”, which can promote epidermis tissue growth rapidly and help the skin look younger, so as to endue the faded cell with new vitality.

1. Epidermal repair: promote repair and regenerate of the damaged skin, has obvious effect on repairing of kinds of skin trauma like empyrosis, scald, and phototherapy, etc. 

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2. Anti-wrinkle: EGF can promote kinds of cell growth and split within of epidermal cells, and increase the fullness of the epidermal cells; it can also improve the growth capacity of collagen, repair aged and fractured collagen elastic fibers. When there is rich collagen, skin looks great and elastic, winkles reduced naturally, and skin looks young with vitality. 

3. Pore minimizing: promote the compound of skin collagen, improve elasticity of the skin, and protect the skin from aging.

 4. Stain diluting: EGF can dilute stains gradually by changing old and new cells proportion of the skin, reducing contents of melanin and colored cells. 

5. Skin moisturizing: EGF can promote synthesis and secretion of extracellular hyaluronic acid and mucopolysaeccharide, maintain moisture within the dermis, improve moisture retention capacity of epidermis stratus corneum, and endue the faded cell with new vitality.

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Salvia extract tablet, also known as compound Danshen tablet is one of the best products available in the market to nourish blood, consolidate heart functions and regulate Qi life force. Compound danshen is made by extracting the active ingredients of salvia miltiorhiza (Danshen) and sanchi (Panax Notoginseng).
Sanchi extract is made using the latest ultra – low temperature carbon dioxide extraction technology based on the ancient traditional Chinese medicine theory, which is the crystallization of ancient tradition Chinese medicine theory and modern pharmaceutical technology.

Danshen tablet contains tanshinone, protocatechuic aidehyde, protocatechuic acid, tanshinol, vitamin E and other ingredient essentially; danshen helps the flow of blood and regulates menstruations. The product effectively depletes blood statis, cleanses carbuncle and arrests irritability and nourishes the blood and calm frail nerves.

Danshen most effective ingredients such as sanchi (Panax Notoginseng) are rich in Notoginsenoside, flavonoid and so on, which helps the body arrest bleeding, promote the circulation of blood around swelling and eliminate pains. Danshen helps lower blood lipid and regularize blood sugar and the immune function of the body.

Functional Uses of Danshen

Control the flow of blood and arrest bleeding

Boost immune system and deplete fatigue in the body 

Very effective anti – aging and anti – anoxia in composition

Danshen is efficacious for circulation problems and heart pains, brain attacks, (stroke), chest pain and other diseases of the heart and blood vessels. The product is also used in treating menstrual disorder, chronic liver diseases, sleeplessness, tight chest and rapid heart beating.
Useful in the treatment and prevention of cardiovascular diseases, stroke and angina pectoris patients, suppressant to hypertension, ischemic stroke, menstrual pains and fatty liver diseases, hepatitis and ache.

(0.3g 60 pills per pack)

·         Promoting blood circulation to dissolve blood stasis,
·         Arrest excessive bleeding
·         Reduces swelling & eliminate pain
·         Promote blood flow to regulate menstruation
·         Lowers blood pressure
·         Nourishing blood & calming the nerves
·         Clearing away heat to arrest irritability
·         Nourishing & strengthening the body
·         Lowering blood lipid &blood sugar.



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USE & Dosage (4 bottles 30ml each)
After 2-3 days of product usage

·         A lot of dark stinking excrement is excreted after 4-10 days of product usage.
·         Inflammation processes in the stomach (ulcer) & intestine (ulcer) are suppressed
·         Unpleasant smell from the mouth disappears
·         Constipation & laxity gradually disappear
·         Excrement acquires normal color & shape after 2-3 courses
·         Digestive tract noticeably normalizes & heals
·         Motion gets regular & regular & easy
·         Gradually skin roughness disappears
·         The quality of complexion is improved
·         Breaths get normal


(4 bottles 30ml each)
·         Rheumatoid polyarthritis and other joint diseases - at least 4 months.
·         Hepatitis B and C for several months.
·         Diabetes (especially type 2) 2-3 months.
·         Respiratory organ diseases, bronchitis, especially chronic, pneumonia, lung emphysema,
·         Bronchial asthma – beginning with one month up to 3 months. In the cases of lung tuberculosis the course is longer.
·         Rhinitis, sinusitis, otitis – dripping a few drops into an ear or nose twice a day until symptoms disappear.
·         Also, one should take the preparation from several weeks to several months in the cases of all urogenital diseases, especially for men prostate hypertrophy and adenoma, reduces potency, spermatorrhea, premature ejaculation; for women – nycturia, menstruation cycle disorders, pains in pelvis area – for several months.
·         Pre cancer diseases and malignant tumors – 3 month.
·         Oncological diseases – constantly (given a positive changes the dose should be reduced till preventive).
·         Increased amount of lipids, cholesterol, and triglyceride in the blood – not less than 2 months or until a normal laboratory analysis result is achieved.
·         Many other chronic diseases, when preparation oral liquid “phoenix” can be used, too–courses from a couple of weeks up to 4 months.

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