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Fohow Rose Oligosaccharide

Fohow Megui (Rose Oligose) is an essential probiotics that regulate gastro-intestinal bacteria active in the digestive system.

(1) Aids digestion by loosening the bowel to relieve constipation, 

(2) Prevents hypertension and arteriosclerosis,

(3) Rose Oligose protects the live,

(4) Enhances cellular absorption of nutrients, 

(5) prevent obesity and tooth decay,

(6) Rose Oligose is good for gastro-intestinal and digestive tract healthcare,

(7) Effective in treatment of bad breath (mouth Odour) with continual usage.

Fohow Garlic Oil Softgel

(1)Garlic oil soft gel is an Antibacterial with bactericidal and virus-killing effects,

(2) Lowers blood pressure with anticoagulation-effect,

(3)Efficacious in treatment of cardiovascular and cerebro-vascular diseases,

(4) Lowering blood sugar,

(5) Reducing the onset of diabetes, 

(6) Protects the liver and inhibit tumor, 

(7) Effective in treatment of hepatitis, 

(8)Fohow Garlic Softgel scavenges free radicals,

(9)It’s also an effective anti-ageing supplement aiding weight and body mass maintenance,

(10) Dissolves fat particles and promote good health.

Fohow Blood Cleanser

 Fohow blood cleanser (XUEQINGFU) 

(1). Dissolves blood thrombus, depletes blood sclerosis  

(2). Protects the liver as it strengthens immune system. 

(3).Blood Cleanser also enables nervous coordination between the upper and lower parts of the body,

(4). Blood Cleanser aids longevity by feeding cells and promoting long life. 

(5). It’s useful in treatment of stroke and symptoms of stroke,

(6). Useful in alkalizing the body, 

(7). Helpful against the effects of bad cholesterol,

(8). Helpful in treatment of insomnia and incessant muscle cramp.

Six Flavour Tea

Liuwei Cha Tea (also call ‘six flavoured tea’) is beneficial for

(1) Digestion, 

(2) Blood cell rejuvenation,

(3) Dispersal of blood statis, 

(4) Effective also for clearing internal heat,

(5) Essential drink for organic detoxification, 

(5) Reduces blood pressure and blood lipids, 

(6) Cleansing effect on kidney,

(7) Promotes urinary functions, good choice for health preservation, 

(8) Body weight and gastro-intestinal maintenance.

Fohow Linzchi Ganoderma

Known as king of all herbs, fohow Ganoderma is an efficacious capsule for the following: 

(1)   Ganoderma Linchzhi eliminates toxins,

(2)   Aids the body immune mechanism against diseases

      (3)   Balance hormones and progesterone level in the body 

      (4)   Helps stimulate the brain in cardiovascular activeness.

      (5)    Maintains and enhances beauty,

      (6)    Reduces fat as it enhances immunity and

       (7)    Strengthens the body against illness,

       (8)    Helps the brain in sensory functions and alertness.

helpful against stroke and paralysis.

Compound Dansheen Salviat Extract

Compound Dansheen (Salvia Extract) has cardio-tonic effects and restores cardiac flexibility,  it is used orally by placing 2 to three pills of the medicine under the tongue to dissolve and mix up with the salivary fluid.

The medicinal benefits of Salviat Extract Tablets includes and not limited to the following:

(1). Enhances the heart function and

(2). Aids myocardial blood flow and cardiovascular integrity.

(3). Cooling effect on the blood and can remove carbuncle and clear away heat.

(4). Arrest body irritation and nourish the blood cells. The product can effectively

(5). Clears the nerves and promotes blood circulation.

(6). Treatment of calcium antagonism,

(7). Stabilizing blood pressure and diastolic function and

(8) .Treatment of angina pectoris and heart problems such as hypertension and chest congestion and irregular heartbeat.

Ganoderma Capsule

Ganoderma Capsule

Garlic Oil Softgel

Garlic Oil Softgel

Fohow Oral

Fohow Oral
Fohow Oral



Fohow Sanitary Pad

Fohow Sanitary Pad
Fohow Sanitary Pad